Adopt a Cow Aged Caciocavallo Podolico Cheese

Have a Cow

Caciocavallo cheese is made from the milk of really free-range cows (think "wandering mountains and meadows" free-range) and aged to sharp perfection in southern Italy. Adopt a cow now and your preordered cheese will ship by May 7 (right on time for Mother's Day!)

The Cow's Moo
Italy's Best-Kept Secret
Adopt a Free-Range Cow, Make Your Cheese Dreams Come True

It's a tale of wandering cows, wood-fire aging, and generations of Italian farmers. Learn about the amazing, centuries-old tradition by which this unforgettable cheese is made.

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Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Box + Subscription

Adopt an olive tree instead and get all the extra-virgin, single-harvest, family-farm, organic olive oil goodness you could dream of.

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